Thursday, 26 June 2008

WP?W/Syn*Error split/Busy times

Just a little update, our first record will be arriving anytime in the next couple of weeks its a split by UK's What Price?, Wonderland and Syn* error, the tracks appeared as a tour split cdr which can be downloaded here, if you like these BUY THE RECORD.

The records will be available at all the shows that I am doing which are as follows.

30th July-Mesa Verde, Black Channels, Grater the Shadow and everythingwesayisfact @ East Neuk Aberdeen

September 11th- Flatlands, 1864 in art + more tbc

September 24th- Action Beat + tbc @ East Neuk tbc

Thats about it for just now


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Thank You Records

I've not added to this in a while so thought I would turn it into a website/blog thing for a new label Iam doing with a few like minded folk up here in Aberdeen.Its all very exciting

First scheduled releases are:

What Price,Wonderland?/Syn*error split 7" (split release with loads of others)

I Had Plans Lp (another split release with loads of labels)

Ex Wives-Some cd of some description

I am going to try and get some interviews and more reviews up very soon


Monday, 10 March 2008

45 A-side Compilation Tape


Stanley - Monkeys and Friends
Copy Haho - Shooting at the Sky
Twin Atlantic - Time is the Enemy
Juliet Kilo - You'll Never Be An Artist
Ex Wives - Stave
The Xcerts - Just Go Home
Hyena - Abenny
Hijak Oscar - Bitter Carnival

Take a Worm - Personality Prolapse
Archives - Whats With All The Brutal Honesty
This July - It's Time To Leave
Miss Atlanta - The New Black (Lantage Remix)
PVH - Year Old Girls Cherries
State of Affairs - You Were The First
Miss The Occupier - Dead Pirates
Level Four - Furtherance

Here is yet another compilation tape, this time the first release from Glasgow based, tape only label 45 A-side records.As compilations go its not a bad effort at all featuring 16 bands, mostly all of which hail from Scotland.

For me it finally allowed me to gain a hold off new recorded output from Stonehaven noise merchants PVH which was pretty sweet their track "Year Old girl cherries" features the line "love young girls", brilliant. Stonehaven is supported well on this tape from the inclussion of Copy Haho's track "Shooting at the sky" which is just over 2 minutes of absolutely indie joy, Copy Haho write brilliant song and have no doubt I will be hearing alot more of them soon.

Dundees Juliet Kilo provide the biggest singalong with "You'll never be an artist", some nice riffs and harmonies. Another top class band from Dundee Archives add in a bit of screamo in the vein of Envy and Glasgow band Take a worm for a walk week's track "Lumber Puncture" is 30 seconds of pure noise core which leaves you wanting more.

All in all a well rounded compilation which would perhaps benefit from being slightly narrower in the choices of genres covered. Looking forward to future releases.

Happy Holy Roar compilation tape


1. Throats – Reign of Low*
2. Chronicles of Adam West – Untitled**
3. Mouthbreather – Forgainst the Kids*
4. Rolo Tomassi – Film Noir (demo)**
5. Chariots – Born and Back*
6. Maruta – In Perpetual Narcolepsy**
7. Maths - Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?**
8. Cutting Pink With Knives – Sad Sad Leroy Brown **
9. Tubelord – Propeller**
10. Kayo Dot – Stage Ambiance Fall 2006*

1. Tortuga – Dance like no-one’s watching*
2. Barbaric White Elephant – My Arms are Tentacles*
3. Bloody Panda – Photosynthesis*
4. Phoenix Bodies – Filler (Minor Threat cover)*
5. Paul Marshall – The Horsewoman Came Home*
6. Serena Joy – Movement 1
7. Doom Patrol – Campbell**
8. Omerta – Black Teeth Sink Deep*
9. The Pluto - Phal Pancake Universe Bee (edit)**
10. November Coming Fire – Pyxis Nautica*


This limited edition tape (100 copies) was released just before christmas and contains either unreleased tracks or tracks which have only appeared on demos of bands on one of the most exciting labels in the UK just now, holy Roar records.

Highlights include:

Maths heavily Orchid influenced screamo who are one of the country's best at said genre.
Omerta sound to me what The Locust would sound like if they liked metal and made songs over 1 and a half minutes
The heavily Botch influenced Tortuga's track "Dance like no-ones watching" is brutal from start to finish
Tubelord provide the compilation with a break from pounding riffs and mix together a wide range of influences much like early biffy but with a more frantic edge
Phoenix bodies cover of Minor Threats "Filler"

The only downside of the compilation are the fact that the labels probably two best band, Cutting Pink with knives and Rolo Tomasi are represented by poor tracks which do not reflect the quality of either band.

All in all a good purchase,if anyone fancies a copy (presume that will be alright as its sold out now) just get in touch.